Brand Personalities

About Brand Personalities

Brand Personalities are incredibly useful when strategically developing and creating brands that are meaningful and relate to the customer. White River Design (WRD), lead by Creative Director and founder Debbie O’Connor, has developed a Brand Personalities system that allows clients to find out what personality their brand is through a word association game.

Having studied units of Industrial Psychology while completing her degree, Debbie became very interested in human behaviour in the market place. As a graphic designer by profession, this lead to Debbie specialise in brand strategy and development. She became more fixated in why people ‘bought into’ certain brands and not others. Why does Apple have a far more loyal client base than IBM, yet their products are more expensive?

When Debbie came across the philosophies of psychologist Carl Jung and his 12 Personality Archetypes, so much about branding with personality made sense. From that moment on, Debbie was determined to build a branding studio that would create brands with personality. This was the beginning of a long road of development and testing until she had it just right!

To date, WRD has developed brands that not only their clients are proud of, but which are proving that branding with personality sets them apart from their competitors.

We invite you to ‘play our game’, or contact us to have Debbie perform a brand personalities workshop with you or your team.